The Most Precious Gift (The Vision of Love series – Book 6) by Dionne Grace

One night of passion led Samyra and Joshua to the decision to marry. Not so much for themselves but for their children Samyra is carrying. But just as these two seem to be headed toward their happy, ending unwanted admirers shake the fragile foundation they have built, leaving them with even more doubts than before.

Pregnant with twins, Samyra not only has to contend with her lack of freedom and independence but must come to terms with the possibility of being trapped in a marriage of convenience; something she must work hard to avoid. Can Samyra find the love she has been looking for from the man she sees as her knight in shining armour?

Once a somewhat defiant bachelor, Samyra has thrown into a tailspin Joshua’s life. Now a husband and soon-to-be father, he will have to overcome the pain of his past if he wants a fulfilling marriage and life with Samyra and their children. And just when he thought he has everything under control, he soon learns that some things were harder to let go.

Will they both be able to let go of their illusions of control to realise the love right in front of them?

“This is just the most beautiful spiritual book from the Vision of Love series, with heartfelt scenes of beautiful angels that take your breath away! The characters are magnificent and the storyline is bursting with suspense and drama. Samyra, now, an Anderson, is a successful photographer and ex-model, outstandingly beautiful with a successful career, who is now dealing with a life change, a mother to be and a wife, with feelings of doubt whether Joshua Anderson, a very handsome successful businessman who hides guilt and pain of his own, is doing the right thing by her. Samyra holds back until Joshua’s true feelings are revealed. I loved this book it is an absolute must-read and highly recommended.”
~ Amazon Reader