The Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery Series by Cliff Yeargin

Pick up a ChickenBone book and you’re picking up a dang good STORY. It’s like a bunch of friends sitting around a fire and one guy starts telling a tall tale. Beer is getting warm and you’re wondering…When the heck is he going to get around to telling us what happened…Then an hour and two beers later, you are leaning into the fire, hanging on for the ride to the finish. You just have to empty the cooler and burn through a pile of good oak to get there.

The folks that end up reading the entire ChickenBone Series is the same person that has absolutely no guilt or remorse when it comes to plopping down in a big fat chair with a bucket of fried chicken and watching a ballgame from start to finish without moving an inch.

So, grab a cold brew, a bag of pork rinds and soak up some SOUTHERN FRIED FUN!

If you're a southern guy, you know the kind that loves college football, MLB (& especially BRAVES) baseball, Country & MoTown music, and food from the Varsity, the Colonnade Restaurant, Mary Mac's Tea Room, you're going to love Yeargin's books. Think “Lewis Grizzard”, okay. With main characters like Catfish, Dumptruck, Boobytrap and Buddy Lee, you know it's going to be fun.

Shelton Stevens, Atlanta GA FaceBook Review