The Haunting of Sycamore House by Cathy Peper

A shocking murder. A houseful of possible culprits. Can a reluctant psychic unravel a tragedy from the past to catch a killer in the present?

Penny Sparks gave up reading the cards after she failed to predict her sister’s terrible accident. But after starting over in a new town with a fresh job, she’s persuaded to pull out her tarot for the grand opening of a supposedly haunted bed & breakfast. And though the revelations appear innocent, Penny and the other attendees become prime suspects when the proprietor’s husband falls to his death.

As she struggles to clear her name, her sister starts acting strangely, and Penny becomes plagued by nightmares of a ghost demanding retribution. But when the truth begins to unfold, she fears all of them will end up in an early grave if she can’t sway a bitter phantom to cross over.

Can Penny put a vengeful spirit to rest before she’s dragged screaming to the other side?

The Haunting of Sycamore House is the first book in the thrilling In for a Penny paranormal suspense series. If you like determined heroines, mysteries with an occult twist, and light romance, then you’ll love Cathy Peper’s enthralling tale.

“I definitely recommend this book! I can’t wait for more!”-Amazon reviewer