Deceived by Karen Kelley

From USA Today Bestselling author Karen Kelley comes the explosive new romantic suspense about an abusive man whose career is on the rise, until one woman threatens to bring it all tumbling down, and the one man who can save her.

Alana thought she was marrying the man of her dreams, but she couldn’t have imagined the nightmare her life would become.
Stephen was everything Alana thought she wanted in a husband. Handsome, attentive, and on his way up in the political arena. He seduced her with his charm, but as soon as they said their vows, his mask began to slip and she saw the controlling monster that he hid from everyone. Now she has nowhere to run.
Carter was roped into escorting his mother to a political fundraiser for Stephen Ashton.
He and Stephen roomed in the same dorm when they were in college, but drugs were found. Stephen convinced everyone they were Carter’s, and he had three of his friends lie to back him up. No one believed Carter’s innocence, not even his parents, so he enlisted in the military the next day and walked away from a potential career that he’d never really wanted.
He still has a score to settle, so when he sees Stephen’s stunning wife slip outside, he follows. He’s not surprised she wants to escape her husband. Had he forgotten her birthday or something just as trivial? He remembers Alana from childhood as being an obnoxious little girl trailing after him. He gives her a way to leave Stephen. He’ll hide her for a couple of weeks, then return her with a slightly tarnished halo.
Revenge is sweet.
Until he realizes exactly what he’s gotten into or how deep Stephen’s obsession for Alana runs, but will Stephen resort to murder to make them pay?

I recently discovered Karen Kelley’s books and can’t stop reading them. Janice Marie