Murder Takes a Selfie by Shannon Symonds


Oceanside High students Esther and Sophie prefer life between the covers of their favorite books, but they open an entirely new adventure and begin an exciting new chapter when the Stuart twins, Parker and Paisley, move from Great Britain to an old mansion in Esther and Sophie's small beach town. The girls score invitations to a celebrity author's book-launch party at the twins' mansion, but after the selfies are snapped, someone goes missing, and everyone is a suspect.
Used to hiding behind her glasses and cardigans, Esther has secrets that only her cat and Sophie know. But when someone's life is at stake, what will Esther risk to solve the mystery and save her friends?

5.0 out of 5 stars
Couldn't get enough!
Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2021
Seriously, I couldn't put it down! I had piano lessons to get ready for and ended up giving them sans makeup and hairdo because I was too busy reading. Fortunately, I did make myself get dressed first. 😁 I do wish I had read it closer to when I read the preceding one, as I was struggling a little to recall the characters. That said, it's still a good stand alone! Teens setting out to solve a mystery (Case of the Missing People) when the adults and authorities wanted to dismiss them, refusing to hear their clues.

I appreciate Ms Symonds letting me have an advanced review copy, but my review is genuine. I really did enjoy it!