DESTINED TO BE by Dionne Grace


Daisia Findlay has a crush on her boss, though she’s never had the courage to tell him. Not that Blake would be interested; his type of women were ones who looked nothing like her. Daisia doesn’t dare hope that she will be the one he will fall in love with.
But when a resentful team member seeks revenge on his co-workers and places them in a dilemma that neither has any control over, Blake finally declares the truth of his feelings.
And just when she thinks they can finally be together, circumstances take a turn for the worse, and the love that she thought she’d found seems to be somewhat short-lived.
Are his feelings true? Or is this just a psychological reaction to a traumatic situation?

Destined to be had me absolutely transfixed and holding my breath! Bursting with suspense and drama this has to be one of the most exciting books I have ever read. The scene is set in a successful printing works and design business, where Blake Marshall is not only handsome and the boss, but has a beautiful personality that matches his looks. Daisia hadn’t been at the firm long but found working for Blake an absolute delight which quickly turns into hidden feelings. Blake treats his staff generously well unlike his counterpart and partner who has left a lot to be desired in his professional approach with staff.

Madness and fear unleash and Daisia prays to the Lord for protection and deliverance when a pushed to the edge colleague snaps and rampages through the office shooting people. With terrifying ordeals and unexpected tragedy, and twists and turns throughout, this frightening situation brings Blake and Daisia together with the realisation that life is short and both confess their feelings for one another. Such an action-packed book with dramatic scenes throughout, a definite must-read and highly recommended! ~ Amazon Reviewer