The Aces Complete Series: Extended Editions of Books 1-3 by A.J. Macey


Complete Series Collection of the Extended Editions of The Aces Series.

Want to know what a girl’s best friend is? Revenge.

Hey, my name’s Kiera. You might know me as The Cat, famous cat burglar/thief.

No? Well, let me give you a little insight into my life as of late.

I was going about, minding my own business when the mob boss who runs most of the Reno underground sent an assassin after me. Crazy, yeah? Anyway, six months later the previously mentioned assassin is now my partner in crime when we get a job from the local motorcycle club, The Aces. 

All good and dandy, right? Wrong. They’re 1%ers, all three officers unbelievably attractive. Oh, yeah, the Vice President of the MC? That’s my a**hole step-brother and let’s not even get started on the club’s suspicious Enforcer or the President who’s dripping in swagger.

With four men at my back, can I get the job done and get the revenge I've been planning for the last several years or will our explosive personalities cause us to be at each other’s throats? But I’m not the thief who became famous at 15 years old and survived the mob’s hell in my past just to lay down and take that, they won’t know what hit them.

I’m The Cat, and soon enough, they’ll learn that I’ve got claws.

This collection includes the extended editions of Rival, Adversary, and Enemy where almost 30k words in additional scenes have been added along with over eight POVs scenes from the characters from The Aces series. POVs are in chronological order in the third volume of this collection titled ‘Making the Cut’. Corresponding chapters to the books are noted for easy reference.

"Contemporary. Rh. 4 guys. MC setting. Hot and Steamy. Absolutely loved it and the characters!" – Amazon Reviewer for Rival (The Aces Book 1)