Kiss Me, Macrae by Amy Sandas

After a painful betrayal, Allegra Smithson leaves New York City for an unknown future. Bold and resourceful, she is determined to forge her own path.

Baird Macrae is suffering from the grief and guilt of a tragic loss, though you wouldn’t know it by his broad smiles and carefree manner.

When an innocent mix-up at a traveler’s inn has the two of them waking up in the same bed, desire burns hot and fierce before Allegra comes to her senses. But it’s not the last they see of each other. As the brawny Scotsman sets out to convince her they are destined for each other, Allegra must determine if he is worthy of her trust, her desire, and her heart.

“The best book I have ever read. If you don't know who Amy Sandas is you should.” – Amazon Reviewer