Bought by R. Phoenix

Confessing to a crime he didn’t commit to save his lover’s life should’ve been simple. Not easy, but simple. The penalty for treason was certainly death, and Jace came to terms with that the moment he’d made his decision to protect the man he loved.

It might’ve been simple, too, if it wasn’t for Elias Ivers.

Even when the witch purchases him instead of killing him, Jace is positive he can withstand anything. No witch can break a werewolf, not even the notorious owner of the killing arena of Tartarus.

At least… Jace doesn’t think Elias can — right up until he experiences the witch’s cruel and depraved mind games for himself. Now? Now he’s not sure anything is simple… even standing by his convictions.

“I love how R. Phoenix drags you completely into the story and then leaves you wanting more with each book of the series.” — Amazon Reviewer