Till Daph Do Us Part: Weddings. Funerals. Sleuthing. by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Daphne Jones is a travelling officiant, visiting a different small town each week to celebrate weddings and help with sad goodbyes. Now that she and John are retired, they love their life in their quaint caravan, Bluebell. It is peaceful. Relaxing. Uneventful.

But when a member of a bridal party ends up face down in a swimming pool, Daphne embraces her inner sleuth, believing this death was no accident.

Was it the family of the bride? They've been feuding with the deceased's family for generations. Or is it about missing money?

Nobody appreciates Daphne's snooping, but with a heart of gold and a way with words, this celebrant sleuth is not giving up. Unless the killer finds her first…

“This cozy mystery, set in Australia, is plotted perfectly, highlighting fun and quirky characters you'll grow to love from the first pages. This is the first book in the Daphne Jones Mystery Series. The setting and characters are fun and interesting. It is brilliant that Ms. Clark has them traveling in the caravan so the murders take place in different towns and settings, allowing readers to come along on the adventure. If you like Murder She Wrote, you will love Till Daph Do Us Part. It is a fun cozy mystery, plotted perfectly and always interesting to have the main character born in my generation, proving retirees can do crazy things including solve murders. ” Laura Hartman, Reedsy Discovery.