Rebel's Muse by Vlad Kahany

“Love catches up to you. It always does. If it is meant to happen, it will find you in the darkness. It will slip unnoticed. Or it will come crashing through the door.”

Valentine Bayne is the most praised novelist in Victorian London. His installments about a gentleman-devil are all the rage. But as fame and wealth take over Valentine’s life, he sinks deeper into darkness. As he makes his way to Gracewyck Hall for the reading of his father’s will, his intentions are grim—to write the last installment and end it all. Including his own life.

But meeting Angela Wright changes all that.

She is intelligent as she is beautiful. Nothing short of an angel. She becomes Valentine’s muse. His feelings spin out of control. And, well, he wouldn’t be the greatest novelist of the last decade if he couldn’t seduce with words. Angela takes over his mind, his heart, his body, and leaves him craving more.

But there is someone in the shadows. The true gentleman-devil has followed Valentine all the way to Gracewyck. The dark madman bears a grudge against the famous novelist. He wants revenge. And he wants to take the most precious thing Valentine has—his muse…

Love catches up to you. It always does. Sometimes, it flourishes in tragedy…

“Rebel’s Muse” is a Victorian Romance about love, loss, and getting lost in the right person. If you enjoy flawed characters who are brilliant, powerful and are willing to do anything for the women they love, “Rebel’s Muse” is just the book for you. Complete with HEA, it contains the scenes for mature audience only.