The Priest of Santa Maria by Alexandra Kleanthous

Christiano is obliged to act as the temporary minister of a small town convent. There he meets the captivating Angelica who, unknown to him, is seeking refuge at the convent under the supervision of the abbess. Within a month, sparks ignite between them, but the abbess intervenes, demanding that Christiano leave the convent before she reports his conduct to the Monsignor. Little do they know his timely arrival is about to clash with Angelica’s dangerous past. This leads to catastrophic events that shatter the very foundations of the convent and change the lives of all involved.

The Priest of Santa Maria is the first in the thriller trilogy by Alexandra Kleanthous. If you like fast-paced action and a gripping tale, then you’ll love this original and exciting debut novel that’s filled with page-turning suspense, plus a little romance thrown in for good measure.

Join Christiano and Angelica on their momentous chase across Italy!

“Finished this book in 2 sittings! Very good thriller. Nice cat-and-mouse action; there is history, mystery, intrigue, and revenge, in the first in this religious thriller trilogy. Definitely enjoyed the book. You will root for Father Cristiano, you will get wrapped up in the biblical references, in the believable and unbelievable, the faith and the fury, the corruption, The who can I trust factor, those willing to help, and those that are out to hurt. Can’t wait to see what happens in books 2 and 3. The ending definitely was a cliffhanger. Travel through Italy, the Catholic Church, the Italian mafia, and those that found themselves unwittingly ensnared in a life they did not expect.” Goodreads Reviewer.