Righteous Assassin by Kevin G. Chapman


A MOB BOSS IS EATEN ALIVE BY TIGERS AT THE BRONX ZOO. . . .A sweatshop owner is mutilated and left to bleed out . . . .A pharmaceutical baron is tortured and frozen to death . . . .A fashion designer is poisoned in her Upper East Side apartment.

Four months, four unsolved murders – each on the last Saturday of the month. Could these assassinations really be the work of a single killer? Why would a single killer choose such strange and disparate methods? Why spread your victims across all of New York? If it is a serial killer, is anyone safe?

Each month, a new murder adds a piece to the killer’s jigsaw puzzle, but even unravelling the clues and finding the killer’s pattern may not be enough to catch him. NYPD homicide Detectives Mike Stoneman and Jason Dickson must stop the elusive killer before he completes his decathlon of death.

Mike also must avoid being distracted by Medical Examiner Michelle McNeill, who seems to be on his mind a lot lately. She’s an asset to the investigation, but is this any time to be starting a romance?

Each month is a race against the calendar. Only one thing is certain – on the last Saturday of the month, there will be blood.

“A taut thriller that moves with lightning speed. If you enjoyed Seven, you’re in for a treat.”
— Anna Willett, author of Small Town Nightmare