Blind Copy by Olivia Gaines


*****2021 EMMA Award Winner for BEST CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE******

A ten-year-old running for her life climbed into the back of Mr. Exit’s shop. She had one request, help me save my mothers. Operating solely on the intel of the kid, he stages a rescue operation. Mr. Exit stopped worrying about all the things leaving his life and began to concentrate on three people who entered his world with a bang. He placed a call to the Archangel, Gabriel Neary, who liked Mr. Exit a great deal. He was a smart man. A learned man. He wasn’t a thug with a rifle who liked to shoot stuff or a paid sociopath who liked to kill more than just bunny rabbits.

Gabriel Neary appreciated a man of intelligence. “There are five archangels in the Bible,” Gabriel Neary said. “The most well-known ones are Gabriel and Micheal. There are also Uriel, Joel, and of course Raphael. Sometimes we get to choose. Other times we are chosen. The question for you, Mr. Exit, did you choose, or were you chosen?” At this point, he wasn’t certain.

★★★★★ What the heck did Iread?- Reviewed in the United Kingdom
Hands down , this is one of the funniest, sexiest book I've read in a long time…it's laugh out loud funny….Karli, Karli, Karli! The hero's preoccupation with" chocolate in his teeth" good lord… what the heck did I read??. 20stars! – LLBH