Synarchy The Duology by Crystal Storm

Book 2 in the Synarchy series

When the head of the Terenzio mafia family summons Vasco, Simone, and Lucien to his deathbed, the triplets get a shock they never saw coming.

Their grandfather shares the family secret: that the alien Anunnaki are behind a secret cabal running Earth. To break free and bring the cabal down, they'll have to confront and destroy both Earth's secret societies and the Anunnaki they serve.

Worse, time is running out to save humanity as the winter solstice draws near. The Anunnaki are coming, but the Terenzios know nothing about the metaphysical wonders underpinning reality—wonders they must harness to win.

Arrogance and money aren't enough to succeed, time isn't on their side, and the siblings have never faced anything like this. If they don't find the strength and information to finish what their family started, humanity will remain enslaved to the Anunnaki.

And the Terenzio triplets will face even worse consequences.

This duology contains books one and two of the Synarchy Series: The Awakening and The Ascension.

Fans of the Godfather and Stargate will enjoy this mobsters vs aliens scifi conspiracy thriller.

“Author Crystal Storm has crafted something truly unique in this fantastic mash-up of mafia drama and alien oppression. What results is a superb adventure like nothing I have ever read before, one you could get lost in for days on end quite happily. Overall, I would certainly recommend Synarchy: The Duology for science fiction and thriller fans seeking something totally new and original.” K.C. Finn Readers Favorite