Emerge: Immortals of Indriell Book 1 by Melissa A. Craven

They claim she is Immortal.
They say he is her equal, the only one who can match her power.
But she’s just a normal girl.
Until she isn’t.

Allie Carmichael is your typical, socially awkward redhead with a boring life, and thanks to her oddness, most people can’t even stand to be near her—and forget about touching her.
When a last-minute move lands her on sleepy little Kelleys Island, for the first time she discovers what true friendship means.
Her first encounter with Aidan—the handsome broody boy next door—leaves her breathless. She braces for his rejection, but he doesn’t flinch away from her touch. Or make any number of excuses to leave. It almost seems like he wants to be near her. Like he can’t get enough of her.
But Aidan is trouble with a capital T—complete with tattoos and a mysterious secret. As his secrets and a myriad of unanswered questions start to pile up, Allie begins to realize he and his friends might know more about her than she knows about herself.
The moment she turns sixteen, Allie’s life changes forever when a latent Immortal power awakens deep inside her, nearly killing her in the process.
The scales have fallen from her eyes and she must learn to navigate a dangerous world of secrets and deceptions, leaving behind the awkward, uncertain girl she once was. Now, with Aidan standing beside her as her equal in power, she’s got this.
But there are other powers at play in the Immortal world she’s just discovered. When they come for her, will she succumb to the inevitable, or will she stand and fight with her friends?

Kelly St. Clare – Author of Blood Oath: The Darkest Drae & Blood Trial: The Vampire Towers
“Emerge is a riveting start to the Immortals of Indriell series. I loved how relatable the main character was. She made mistakes! That never seems to happen in YA anymore. The storyline was well-developed, with depth to provide dimension and authenticity to the dark and twisty plot. The setting was a favorite point too. A fantasy world layered over the world we live in.”