Love and Rum by Dani McLean


Audrey just wants to move on and rebuild from a marriage gone wrong. Now she’s focused on launching a local rum distillery into the mainstream, proving to her boss, and herself, she can do it all. She certainly doesn’t need another guy swooping in, thinking he can save her, no matter how irresistible he—or his smile—is. So, when a one-night stand starts turning into something more, she’s determined to enjoy the buzz, but keep away from the hangover.

Jackson has the luck of the draw—good looks, charm, a hit TV show—and whenever he’s not chasing his next star turn, he’s getting some action off the screen. He’s set … or so he thought. For the first time, he’s tempted to ask a woman for more than one night, but she’s already decided he’s better cast as the playboy Casanova than the man at the end of the aisle.

While Jackson’s intent on proving to Audrey he’s the one for her, she’s looking for every way he’s not.

"This is a steamy and fun read that had me reading when I should have been sleeping. I have no regrets about the lost sleep and I Loved reading this book." — Goodreads Reviewer