Dragon Unearthed by Ishabelle Torry


Because sometimes history proves myths are real…

Dr. Jemma Flannigan

There’s nothing like a new dig to get my heart pumping. An endless desert of possibility awaits. Ancient bones. Pottery. Cave art…a dragon?

He’s huge. Stark-naked. Covered in scales.

And he says I’m his mate.

I don’t know what’s more terrifying—the fact he’s an alien, or that his very presence muddles my senses, and his touch leaves me a quaking mess.


After crash landing on this foreign blue planet thousands of years ago, the last thing I expect is to be struck by the sweet scent of the Nocktam.

It beckons to me, rousing me from hibernation, away from the safety of the cave I’ve called home for centuries.

Her essence draws me like no other, and I can’t deny the primal need to claim her as mine. She’s beautiful. Vibrant. Spirited.

And in grave danger…

These humans have no idea their very existence hangs in the balance of an age-old galactic war. But I’ll protect my mate at all costs. Even if it means I have to sacrifice an entire planet.

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"A wonderful strong female and a hero that does sci-fi heroes proud."