Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World by Dennis Macy


If you are seeking straight answers to confusing questions, guidance from beyond and comforting advice then you will adore this illuminating book. Learn to identify the signs that your dearly departed loved ones send us. Discover the healing power of spirituality and faith. With answers to the most frequently asked questions entwined with accounts of his real encounters to support them, Macy who has highly enhanced abilities offers insight into the world we live in and the one to come. You'll discover: How meditation and breathing techniques will assist you in improving your overall well-being and enable contact with those you care about in the next world. You will also obtain a greater sense of God's infinite love for you and His plan for you. “It is an easy read, beautifully written and informative book. This book provides lots of hope for those who are grieving. I highly recommend it.” ~Jennifer S. “A mind-blowing book!” ~ Jim M. (Amazon Reviewers)

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“I truly believe he was put on this earth to heal the hearts of others and he’s doing an incredible job of that with his gift.” ~Jason C. (Amazon Review)