Broken (After the Plague, #1) by Imogen Keeper


Before the apocalypse they were strangers. Now their lives will forever be entwined.

99% of the population dies, leaving 1% grieving, scared, desperate, capable of anything, plunged into an apocalypse without laws, and no one to enforce them anyway.

Artist Frankie has zero skills to survive. When she loses the love of her life, she discovers an untapped well of hope and courage inside herself, and the strength to find others, the left-behind survivors who, for good or bad, must now rebuild.

Yorke, a lone soldier, never wanted a family, until everyone died, and he realized he'd been living all wrong. When finds Frankie, he has a single burning conviction: if anyone is going to make the rules in this strange new lawless world, it will be them. He will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Together, they prove once-in-a-lifetime love really can come twice, and the apocalypse has nothing on hope.

A sexy, seductive, breathtaking start to a spellbinding saga that blends romance, adventure, and hope into an unforgettable read. Fans of Outlander will love this Romantic series.

This audio features dual narration, with William Trevino reading Yorke's chapters and all male dialogue, and Imogen Keeper reading Frankie's chapters and all female dialogue.

★★★★★ “An addictive adrenaline rush with twists.” -VineReader

★★★★★ “Heartfelt, sad and uplifting all at the same time. This story just keeps getting better and better -Reviewer” – MauiReader

★★★★★ “Top notch and faintly terrifying. Imogen Keeper has done it again! Frankie and Yorke are electric! I'm holding my breath for Book 3.” -Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ “The ultimate sweetpea badass and utter book boyfriend.” – Award-winning author Poppy Minnix

★★★★★ “I could not put this down till I finished. Frankie is so much more than she is giving herself credit for. She thinks she is not tough enough, but I see her inner strength.” -Reviewer

★★★★★ Do yourself a favor and go read books 1 and 2. You can thank me later, when you've laughed and cried and fallen in love with every single character in this incredible series. -Reviewer

★★★★★ This book was simply amazing. Tensions run high, secrets are revealed, and a new hope is found. 5 complete stars from me for this awesome slow-burn post-apocalyptic romance! -Reviewer