Book 1 in the ZIN MIGNON series

Clutching a cryptic note from his dying dad, the brilliant 11 yr-old chef Zin Mignon is kidnapped by the mysterious Mustard Monks! The saga of a culinary mastermind and his insatiable mom, Zin lives at the crossroad of Humor and Inspiration. If you (or your child/parent) loves to cook, Zin is for you.
The tale of Zin Mignon begins at the bottom of a jar of pickled pigs’ feet in his father’s pathetic Brooklyn deli. A secret note sets him on a world-spinning quest, an adventure that takes him through the alleys of the homeless to the tables of billionaires, to discover who he really is and the greatness for which he’s destined. As he sets the culinary world on fire, a mix of treacherous rivals feasts on the chance to make his dreams go up in smoke.
In the wildly appetizing first book of the Zin Mignon series, Zin has become the greatest chef on the planet, shocking the cooking world. But he’s distracted and must honor the solemn promise he made to his dad, and to learn the incredible secret of his family legacy. Truly original, sprinkled liberally with humor, amazing exploits and heartfelt compassion, Zin uses food and his kitchen to build a recipe that will lead him to his true identity. Can he cut the mustard?

Artemis Fowl meet MasterChef? Author MICHAEL DASWICK is the winner of both of Columbia’s prestigious literary awards for fiction. He’s the author of the gripping epic novel CHIP ROCK and the FAT OLD FART, and CHIP ROCK and THE CATALINA KID. Always mixing humor and drama, with ZIN MIGNON, Michael has cooked up a stirring series of Kitchen Fiction

Epic and truly original. I feasted on the fun and adventure. 13-year-old gifted chef stars in a wonderful series that'll have you laughing and crying and begging for more. Heartfelt, kind of snarky, always clever and filled with imagination. I love food but even if I didn’t, I thought this one was very special. 5 Stars, Verified Amazon Reader