Cold Case Chronicles Omnibus Edition by Kacie Clement

One complicated small town. One fearless cop. A string of murders gone unchecked.

Cracking decades-old cold cases have never been more dangerous. Notably, when the perpetrators are alive and well, and thriving in the mysterious town of Shadowbank, Mississippi.

For one intrepid detective, digging up the past is now a risky full-time job. Still traumatized from her most recent case in Atlanta, Georgia, Detective Kamira Jackson pulls up stakes and moves to Shadowbank.

Reconnecting with family, she must prove to herself and a skeptical town that she's got the grit to solve a slew of cold cases languishing on a dusty shelf.

Join Detective Kamira Jackson as she dares to expose the seedy underbelly of a small community harboring one too many deadly secrets.

The Cold Case Chronicles brings to life the mysteries of the past that threaten to wreak fresh havoc on an unassuming town steeped in a sinister mob presence.

“Kacie Clement's books are filled with strong, smartwomen that aren't afraid to take on the system and the corrupt men they face. Kamira Jackson is such a woman in “Mississippi Moonshine”. It's Kacie's best book yet!” T.J.Jones