Steady As She Goes by Wayne Stinnett

Jesse McDermitt is starting a new chapter in his life. As captain of the research vessel Ambrosia, his stated mission is to study the oceans and seafloor, searching for rich oil deposits. His unstated mission is to locate and eradicate the enemies of society on behalf of Armstrong Research, a secretive organization funded by some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

When word gets out about a massive drug and human trafficking cartel moving tons of illegal drugs, along with hundreds of slave laborers, out of Venezuela, Jesse is tasked with finding them at all costs.

But how can one man find the traffickers amid the thousands of ships coming and going from Venezuela's ports, moving hundreds of thousands of containers every year? Can Jesse close on and engage the traffickers in time to save dozens of innocent lives?

“Another Home Run. Boring I know. One reason I love this author is because he is a great writer. And he is influenced by the great John D MacDonald who wrote the Travis McGee series back in the day. ..” – John K. Lenon, Amazon Reviewer

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