Quarterstars Awakening by David L. McDaniel

War stirs in the hearts of the elves and humans. Jaerick, King of the elves, and Traelyn, Great Mother of the humans, have a storied and tragic past, but neither can recall anything but the hate between them for actions in a past that has been wiped from memory.

The Quarterstars Prophecy, however, stirs within the realm, with a will of its own, and calls to both Jaerick and Traelyn. At the center or it all lies the Quarterstar Talisman and the only known Quarterstar Shard to have ever been found – kept separate due to the power of the Shard if combined with the Talisman.

Traelyn should have died generations ago. Her father, Dar Drannon, must come back in order to fulfill the prophecy. Yet, it is the king's advisor, Naemyn, who may thwart the balance of power as the Quarterstar Prophecy unfolds.

“Lavish and complete world-building, made grand and epic by the range of fascinating creatures, [McDaniel] takes elements of classic fantasy and does unexpected things with them.” –Authors Reading