PMS Girls: a coming of age thriller by Lisa Alfano

An upper YA psychological thriller.
Perpetual Mercy School for Young Women caters to the uber rich and powerful.
Attending an all-female elite boarding school filled with bullies and inflated egos can be a trying experience. For lonely fifteen-year-old Ari Worthington it becomes a nightmare when she discovers the unimaginable truth about her new, exotic roommate, Bentley “Jess” Jessup.
When Jess’ psychological games push Ari to the brink of sanity, Ari finds herself drowning in lies and danger, unsure who is friend or foe. Torn between preserving her father’s political career and her own self-preservation, Ari must decide if she will be a victim or a survivor.
The one thing Ari knows for sure is that “A Worthington never cowers.”

“An engaging and complex high school thriller.” Kirkus Reviews