Mind of the Minotaur: Tower Seed by Atticus Andrews

Munch was supposed to be the warm-up boss.

He’s the smallest and weakest of seven brother Minotaurs, the legendary Minotaurs of Seven Groves. He is willing to do anything to help his family, even die.

When he makes a careless mistake, and the Knights Courageous ultimately capture his brothers, Munch struggles to come to terms with himself.

With twin curses that prevent him from leveling up his magical or physical abilities, Munch is virtually useless in battle.

Even so, he resolves to do everything within his power to bring his brothers back.

In Munch’s epic quest, he discovers a hidden strength within himself. Something not seen since ancient times. Something not even the Knights Courageous could have anticipated.

Clever take on the genre. Essentially a story about an NPC in a TD game. Very well written, clever, and enjoyable – Royal Road Reviewer

Mind of the Minotaur: Tower seed is an absolutely wonderful story. The author has managed to build an incredibly vivid and fascinating world, set up the main characters motivations, and has, without a doubt, blown my expectations out of the water. The story follows young Munch, a minotaur under a dual curse contracted to fight in a maze (read dungeon core) as his daily 9 – 5. However Munch's peaceful life of dying constantly for money is torn asunder as his coworkers (who are also his brothers) are kidnapped to fight in an arena for sport. Munch then takes it upon himself to amass the funds and experience necessary to save them, but be warned plot twists and obstacles lay ahead and Munch must struggle hard to achieve his dreams – Royal Road Reviewer