Pride of Honor by Andrea K. Stein

Two people determined to marry anyone but each other

She must marry to save her inheritance…
Sophie Brancelli, the orphaned, illegitimate child of a duke’s daughter, must ensure her marriage to a suitable gentleman of the ton before her twenty-first birthday, or she’ll be destitute. Her grandmother, the duchess, provided her with a huge inheritance, but with strings attached.

He needs the right marriage to climb the ranks…
Captain Arnaud Bellingham intends to ascend the ranks of the Royal Navy with a loveless marriage of convenience. But those plans go awry when he rescues a madcap Italian poetess from kidnappers – a Miss Sophie Brancelli.

Will pride of honor lead to love?
Once Bellingham realizes someone means to harm Sophie to keep her from inheriting, he cannot abandon her to the perils of the mad whirl of a London Season. Although he comes to realize making her his own would protect her from harm, how could he then sail away from a loving, beautiful woman like Sophie to patrol the treacherous waters off West Africa?
Grab your copy today and embark on a journey of romance, adventure, and mystery.

Amazon Review – avidbuyer
Excellent read indeed. Lots of changes in plots and strong characters, male and female, with grit and courageous acts. Loved the book and looking forward to more of the same. Highly recommended.