Night Swiftly Falling by Tricia D. Wagner

Book 0 in the The Star of Atlantis series

Sea legends and pirate adventures charm eight-year-old Swift, until an encounter with the deadly power of the ocean shocks him into reality. Swift struggles to hang onto his childhood fantasies, but his new grasp of the fragile nature of life and of friendship threatens to swamp his hope. Under the guidance of his older brother, Swift must learn to brave the rough waters of change without losing himself to their destruction.

“This is one of the most clever, contemplative books I've read all summer. In addition to a tightly woven plot, Tricia D. Wagner demonstrates a masterful command of the language in every paragraph that'll keep you turning pages until the end. Propelled by delicious prose, Night Swiftly Falling is poignant, honest, and heartfelt. This beautifully written novella packs a punch. An exceptional achievement.” -Kristine L., Reedsy Discovery