Hard Gamble by Colleen Charles


She may be a modern day Cinderella – but I’m no Prince Charming.

As the golden boy of Vegas, every woman wants me, and every man envies me. Nothing cracks my cool veneer. Until I fall into the hypnotic depths of her eyes.

One breath.
One look.
One kiss.

Before I even know her name, she consumes me. Thaws my frozen heart. Exposes my black soul to the light.

With the strength of a love I never thought I deserved, I can see happiness hovering at my fingertips.

But like all good stories, this one has an evil villain who wants what’s mine. If he can't steal her, he vows to turn her against me.

Underestimating me is his fatal mistake.

I have access to all the white horses in Sin City.

This is my fairytale… and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my princess.

"An emotional roller coaster at its best, hot steamy moments that make youwant your very own Caldwell brother." – Read.Review.Repeat Blog

"Colleen Charles is such a talented author, that I'm putting her on my addiction list for the future after this first book… HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!" – The Power of Three Readers

"AMAZING! I can not even begin to put into words how amazing this book is. Colleen really knows how to mix the right amount of suspense in with her romances to keep you guessing. Nixon and Marcella were from two completely different worlds and the relationship just seemed doomed from the beginning. I love how easily the story flowed and kept me interested from start to finish." – Amazon Reviewer