For the Love of Penni (Brides of Pelican Rapids Book 17) by Tina Dee


She’s in search of a family. He has one to offer. Can she be the wife he needs, or will her pursuits to find her brother pull her heart away?

Penni Pembrooke has stopped at nothing to find her long lost brother after the War Between the States. With years of searching behind her, she’s just about given up hope. Now, the home where she resides has become overcrowded. With extended family pressing in on all sides, Penni writes to a mail-order bride agency in hopes of a new life. Meanwhile, she continues to search for her brother who is slow of learning. He still needs her; a war wouldn’t change that.

Connor Callaghan finds himself the father of a brand-new infant. While he’s bringing his orphaned niece and his mother home from Ireland to Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, he learns the mail-order bride he left behind is now married to another.
With a farm to run and more mouths to feed it’s more than he bargained for. Yet, Penni comes as a fresh surprise—but will she make her heart available to him?

For the Love of Penni is a lighthearted, Christian mail-order bride romance set in America’s heartland and is part of the multi-author Brides of Pelican Rapids series. All books in this historical Christian romance series are stand-alone stories and can be read in any order.

Get your copy of For the Love of Penni and find out if commitment and love can grow between two hearts that don’t yet know how much they need one another!

"Such a wonderful story!!! It will melt your heart to read it. The characters are will written and the story is so meaningful. Wish it hadn't ended…" – ackimes, Amazon Reviewer