Sugar Cookies & the Single Dad by Brynn Hale


My first teaching job and I'm in love–with my classroom and kids.
I've finally found my calling after going from job to job. This is it.
When I overhear one of my student's dad struggling and almost having an anxiety attack over baking treats for the holiday party, I step up to help.
It doesn't hurt that Jaxson is trying so hard to be so much for his daughter, Kinzley.
He's as sweet as the sugar cookies that we're about to make.
But is falling for the parent of a student a recipe for disaster?
It's been two years since Kinzley's mom said goodbye to both of us. And it's taken that long for me to feel like we're even getting close to moving on.
When I find myself having a panic attack over baking cookies, and my only hope is to not burn the condo down, I need help.
Leave it to Kinzley to find an angel to help us.
Elyse is a curvy treat that I can only imagine would taste sweeter than sugar cookies.
But can open my heart again in or will my heart crumble like my burnt cookies?
Sugar & Spice Nights is a multi-author series of holiday-inspired, instalove, curvy woman and hot guys stories. Come find out how hot and sweet the nights can get today!

Such a sweet, steamy and beautiful love story! I absolutly loved it!~J. Bosse Amazon Reviewer