Cupcakes & Love: Love is Sweet 1 by Sadie Anne


Gracie has the right recipes for fantastic treats and decadent creations…but until Kort walked through that door the recipe for love hasn't been hers. Find out how they create a sweet relationship…
Everything was going so perfectly.
The Honeybuns Bakery has been a hit and people come for miles for our desserts.
And then…a pipe breaks and I have to find a plumber on a Saturday night to get the place ready to go before Monday morning.
I didn't expect Kort to be the perfect blend of sugar and spice, and everything nice.
With his teddy bear brown eyes, I can hardly concentrate on my cupckaes.
But as I've learned with men before, don't look away, you might get burnt.
I've waited for years for the right one.
Wouldn't it be the icing on the cupcake if I found him in an online search?
After a broken engagement, I gave up on finding the right woman.
Then I get a frantic call in the middle of the night. A woman needs me. Well, at least for plumbing.
But when I show up and she's a curvy treat, I can't keep my head straight.
How Gracie treats customers and how she listens to people touch me in a place I've closed off.
But nothing is ever easy in my life, and her heart’s been crushed, can I show her that I’m the sweet treat of life?
She may have found me through a search online, but here’s some new information…I'm here to stay.
Cupcakes & Love is a touching short story in the heartwarming Love is Sweet series of confident women and swoon-worthy blue-collar men. Find out where love leads Gracie and Kort on your lunch break or as a bedtime reading treasure!
Start this sweet reading treat today!

Adorable sweet romance that will bring a smile to your lips. ~Emily P., Amazon Reviewer