Diamond in the Rough by Jami Klein


You got sent to the Jewel Academy when you were too magically dangerous to go to reform school and too young to go to prison.

Lola Bragg didn’t belong there. She belonged at the Coven School for Girls. Except that she was born with a Tootsie roll pop in her mouth, instead of a silver spoon. Lola blew any chance of a scholarship when she convinced her mom’s pervy boss to keep his hands to himself—and while he was at it, buy them a new car and give her mom a raise.

Stefan Harte belonged in prison. Rumor had it, he killed a boy for making fun of him. And the grapevine said he had terrorized his own family so badly, they made the Jewel Academy board him year-round. Stefan isn’t confirming or denying. He doesn’t speak. He communicates through his artwork or his fists. He would have been a talented painter, if he wasn’t a werelion that everyone expected to go crazy before his next birthday.

If Lola is going to survive the cliques, the course work, and the dangers of Jewel Academy with the mind magic blocker the court put on her wrist, she’s going to need a bodyguard. If you’re going to rent a thug, you rent the biggest one you can find. Only Stefan doesn’t want money, doesn’t want anything except to be left alone. But when outside forces come to the Jewel Academy, there’s safety in numbers—even if you’re a half grey witch and a half-feral lion shifter

"Good world building, good action, and a nice clean exciting tale." — 5-star Amazon reviewer