Claus for Concern by Paula Lester


Rory has known she was a witch since toddlerhood. And it’s been all good—she has a knack for enhancing the natural magic surrounding holidays and uses that to its full advantage to spruce up her parties. She has a great life, with a supportive dad and a sweet but zany best friend.

But then the small-town sheriff keels over into the Christmas tree at one of her events. Rory’s ex-boyfriend, Cam, whom she absolutely has not been pining over . . . much . . . is accused of the murder. Unable to resist his pleas for help, Rory branches out to find the real killer and get Cam released.

As if that wasn’t enough to do, Rory’s absent mom pops up like the ghost of Christmas past. And she’s got news that could change Rory’s life forever. Add to that a strangely knowledgeable Santa with a sack full of dubious advice, a missing corgi, and a sweet but trouble-making German shorthaired pointer, and it looks like Rory’s in a jolly big pile of trouble!

Can Rory keep it together long enough to figure out who’s really on the naughty list? Or will she get run over by a reindeer and left for dead herself?

Claus for Concern is the first book in the delightful and funny new Aurora Aspen Magical Holiday Mysteries series. If you like clean, cozy, small-town holiday murder mysteries with magic and heart, this series is for you.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this series though I have enjoyed Paula Lester books. This was an ingenious approach to the magic of holidays. This may be my favorite series by Lester.–Amazon verified purchase