A Magical Victorian Christmas by Michele Ashman Bell


In 1866, Clara Rose lives a quiet life in her hometown of York, until one day a mysterious Christmas tree appears in the town square. Clara is sure something wonderful is about to happen. The town blacksmith's nephew, Erik Bauer, is new to town, and his ready smile, love of laughter, and handsome face charms her. Just when things couldn't be more perfect, the most important man in town, Lord-Lieutenant Bradford, takes an interest in Clara and states his intentions of marrying her. Clara's once simple life becomes very complicated. As Christmas approaches, a decision must be made. Does she marry Bradford to secure her future, or go against her father's wishes and marry the man who speaks to her heart?

A sweet Christmas romance with a little suspense thrown in to make it interesting. TellMeAGreatStory, Amazon Review

The romance was true, the snow was white, and the good stayed strong in their convictions until the end, and then they all drove off in a sleigh. Amazon Reviewer

Never have I needed a Christmas story more in my life. Deandra B, Amazon Review