The Adrian Hell Series: Vol. 1 (Books 1-3) by James P. Sumner


The first three books in the bestselling series that fans are saying is “a must-read for fans of Jack Reacher…”!

With 100's of 5* reviews, and over 1,000 pages of action-packed, pulse-pounding thrills, this boxset includes Adrian's debut outing, TRUE CONVICTION, the blockbuster sequel, HUNTER'S GAMES, and the slick revenge thriller ONE LAST BULLET, together for the first time in one incredible collection.



A deadly, unorthodox assassin who is plagued by the guilt he carries with him over the death of his family. Operating to his own moral standards, fueled by a passionate sense of what's right and wrong, he travels the country, taking out people he believes deserve his bullets.

In TRUE CONVICTION, he takes a job in Heaven's Valley, Nevada, where a local crime family wants to send a message by killing a businessman who has gone back on a deal, costing the mob boss millions of dollars. But when Adrian arrives and tracks down his target, he quickly discovers a much larger threat looming in the shadows, and it isn't long before he finds himself in the crosshairs of multiple adversaries. With help from his best friend, Josh Winters, he uses his skills to learn more about the other players in this dangerous game. But when the stakes are raised, he’s pushed beyond his limits as he fights to prevent a terrorist attack that would act as a catalyst for another world war.

In HUNTER'S GAMES, he travels to San Francisco, commissioned to take out a government official who’s found himself on the wrong side of the wrong people. The job goes as planned, but before Adrian can leave the scene, he’s taken into custody by the FBI. Grace Chambers, a straight-talking special agent, asks him to help bring down a terrorist known as The Shark, who's responsible for several recent attacks on the city. But things aren't what they seem, and when the truth behind Adrian's involvement is revealed, so too is the full extent of The Shark's horrifying plans. Forced into a deadly game of cat and mouse, our unlikely hero goes bullet for bullet with an unseen enemy, as the fate of thousands of innocent people hangs in the balance. With time running out, and the body count rising, Adrian must do whatever it takes to stop his adversary before it's too late.

In ONE LAST BULLET, he decides it's finally time to go after the man who took away everything he ever loved. Having lived with the guilt over the death of his family for over a decade, he feels he must put his demons to rest and seek the closure he so desperately craves. But from the moment he arrives in Pittsburgh, his increasingly reckless attempts to destroy everything Wilson Trent has built only leads to further suffering. With his best friend by his side, and blinded by his thirst for vengeance, Adrian must take on Trent's entire criminal empire in order to have his revenge.


With over 750,000 copies downloaded since 2014, this is your perfect chance to catch up on the series readers are describing as “simply brilliant!”.

“I purchased the Adrian Hell series, books 1-3 because the premise seemed interesting. I found all three books to be tightly written, and fun. Not only was the action fast paced, the characters were interesting and engaging.” — Amazon reviewer