On the Other Side of Alive by Jacques Von Kat


Dead doesn't mean gone. At least not for Caroline. Following her sudden death, she is given ten years as a spirit to wander amongst the living. While watching over her loved ones, she discovers her life with her husband wasn’t as perfect as she thought, and her death might not have been a tragic accident. Delving deeper into her new existence to find the answers she needs, Caroline encounters mediums, poltergeists, lost souls, an endearing conspiracy theorist, and a mysterious spirit guide who offers cryptic clues to help her on a path only he seems to know. But can she trust any of them, or will the uncertainty surrounding her death doom her to re-enact it for eternity?

As in the sprint of stories where the protagonist meets a tragic end and lingers after death to address unresolved aspects of a life cut short, this story similarly takes the reader on a very exciting journey, but offers a fresh take. I thought Caroline’s desire to find the truth behind her death, how she navigates the afterlife, meeting others of her kind, spirit guides and several other dark souls, very entertaining. The author’s imaginative view of life after life drove this story. It was well written and very enjoyable! – Amazon Review