The Ruin of the Watcher by Collings MacCrae

Book 1 in the Fox Argall Mysteries series

When a string of broken children arrive on his doorstep like offerings, Detective Fox Argall has no choice but to follow the breadcrumbs to a showdown with an old and dangerous enemy.

The last time they met, Fox ran for his life.

This time, it's not just his life on the line. It's the innocent children. It's his family.

Fox knows that this time, he can't live if they die.

“The author has done his homework and knows the mystery genre well. He has managed to bring in details that the mystery enthusiast would enjoy (get the dictionary out). The back stories and interior dialogues concerning the Welsh- American Fox, his wife, Grace, and his partner, will intrigue you as much as the mystery. If Mac Crae is a first time mystery author, I would say he is off to a very good start. I hope to see more of his work in the future.” – Amazon Review