The Cavanaugh House by Elizabeth Meyette


When Jesse Graham unlocks the door to the deserted house she inherited from her Aunt Helen, she doesn't realize she's unlocking secrets that had lain dormant for years.

In June 1968, as she settles into the Cavanaugh House, she wonders if this house is a blessing or a curse. The convenience to her new job is unbeatable, but people's reaction to her living there is unnerving. And what about the strange noises she hears in the attic room at night?

Still reeling from a broken engagement, Jesse finds it difficult to trust anyone, even her self-absorbed mother. She's determined to make a new life for herself, independent of anyone. Her dearest friend Maggie, aka Sister Angelina, is her lifeline to sanity and the only person she knows in small-town Seneca Corners.

Questions about her aunt's death almost three decades earlier lead Jesse to investigate the mystery surrounding it and the people involved. What part did the wealthy Wyndham family play? Joe Riley is attractive, but her independent spirit and lack of trust resist his charm.

As she probes further, she uncovers a web of deceit that reaches far beyond the occurrences of twenty-eight years ago. Someone doesn't want those secrets unearthed and will stop at nothing, even murder, to keep them hidden.

"… a palpable menace generates suspense and a sense of urgency … Kirkus Review