Jake's Magical Market by J.R. Mathews


Jake is working at the neighborhood market under his apartment when the world ends. He expected nuclear war, a computer virus, or even climate change burning everyone to a crisp to bring about the downfall of civilization. But cruel and arbitrary gods from another world? Who would have guessed that?

When these cruel gods shuffled Earth like a deck of cards, nothing was in the same place anymore. Monsters, dungeons, and magical items appear scattered across the globe. And suddenly, everyone has access to a new, strange magical card system that gives them magical powers.

Jake, wasting his day slacking off in the cooler, as he usually did, found himself alone in a completely new and very dangerous world. Can he learn to survive? Can he collect enough cards and create a good enough deck to fight back against the monsters that have overtaken his former home? And why are these strange people that look a lot like elves knocking on the door of the market he is hiding in and asking to buy some of his goods?

The gods may have stacked the deck against him, but Jake just might have a few cards up his sleeve that will help him survive.

"Truly a great book, that deserves praise. I wasant able to put it down the moment I started reading. Not once did I ever feel my attention waning or getting board in other books. The story is perfect and sets up some very interesting things later. And the power system of this book is absolutely amazing. The mc felt like a really relatable person, and he had amazing character growth throughout the book that felt real. Whenever the mc gains power it feels like he really earned it through hard work and perseverance. I usually don't write reviews, but I just loved this book so much and right now I can't think of a single flaw in it. The only thing I'm upset about it that I have to wait to read the next book." – Kindle Customer

"Wow. This book went places I did not expect at all but it was so good. I stayed up almost all night because I just had to finish it. I really hope there is a sequel. Highly recommend." – Kindle Customer

"This was a great book. It was well written, had depth, character growth, adventure…
I would highly recommend this and I look forward to more from this author." – Cindy R, Kindle Customer

"t's one thing to have an MC that breaks down occasionally but has everything handed to him and it's okay, like it is in some stories of this genre. But it's quite another when that character is able to wipe his eyes, take a deep breath, collect himself, acknowledge his feelings, move past them and motor through." – Aaron, Kindle Customer