Vitamin Sea by Maia Ross


Irma Abercrombie—a septuagenarian with a shadowy past—wasn't looking for drama when she invited Violet Blackheart—a GenX engineer with a serious vitamin D deficiency—for a visit at her island home. But after a robbery in town goes terribly wrong, they get pulled into an island intrigue: Was it a simple snatch and grab, or are there other forces at work? And if Irma's so retired, what's up with the dead guy in her driveway?

Irma's hands might be deadly weapons, but she's all thumbs when it comes to computer problems. Next, she has to figure out how to convince Violet to investigate a technology puzzle masterminded by someone with a taste for murder.

Violet embraces a budding cupcake addiction and day-drinking, while Irma grapples with a bomb threat and wonders how she ended up with a pug as a sidekick…and whether Violet is hiding a few secrets of her own. Irma's headed for a showdown on a luxurious island estate, and she has every intention of dragging Violet along for the ride.

Irma wants to save the world. Violet just wants to survive her vacation.

"Hilarious" — Amazon reviewer