Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles, #1) by Chariss K. Walker


After spending fifteen years denying his gift of visions in silence, he can no longer cope with keeping this secret. While home after his latest job assignment, he decides to confide in Nelson, a psychiatrist friend of 25 years. Nelson recommends that Mike keep a journal and passively observe the visions rather than being part of them. This exercise allows the pair to explore the visions in a controlled setting. However, shortly after confiding in Nelson, all hell breaks loose!
Mike learns that his home and electronics are bugged. His friends are in danger. A young woman dies. After two failed abductions schemes, and not knowing who he can trust, Mike decides he must learn to protect himself. He studies close combat fighting techniques with the determination to fight as long as he can and then run!
The Vision Chronicles eight-book romantic suspense series is a slice-of-life story that details Mike's changing ability, his search for the woman of his dreams, and the protection methods he uses to keep his family safe from the hired thugs who doggedly pursue him.
If you love mind-boggling romantic suspense with a dash of paranormal, this is the psychic thriller series for you.

One of the few Indie books I've started and could not stop, until the final page. This one hooked me and would not let go. Written in the first person by a female, demonstrating a rare ability to convey, with amazing clarity and credibility, the thrilling story of a male character whose extraordinary ability torments him and nearly leads to his death. I would recommend this book to anyone. I look forward to reading the sequel. — Stephen Douglass, Author

“A cliffhanger from the start, this book is a great beginning to a suspenseful series” – Benedict Stuart, Author of The Proximity of Stars

I am so wrapped up in this series that I have to pick up the next one the minute I finish each one. The characters are wonderful and I feel like I know them personally. Don't miss these. — Jane Firebaugh, Author

Crazy good! This is an edge of your seat nail biter! I was hooked right away and it only got more intense the further I read. There is an obvious reason this book/series won awards! You will be glad you decided to read this. – Hawkins

Kaleidoscope is a fascinating character study wrapped in a thrill-packed paranormal mystery.
Walker expertly develops her protagonist, who discovers himself as his world unravels. A great read, though not a stand-alone novel, but the first installment of The Vision Chronicles. – Joseph Ferguson