Spaces of Silence by Niranjan

Sky left his home town of Shiyeth seventeen years ago, leaving behind his heritage as a light mage, and severing ties with everyone except Declan, his friend and inseparable companion of his boyhood. When his cousin, Asher, approaches him with pleas of help and requests for protection from Declan and his dark magic, Sky has some hard choices ahead.

He has not used his magic in years, and the Declan he knows wouldn’t harm anyone. Torn between conflicting loyalties, Sky wants to put his faith in Declan and their friendship, but how far can he trust Declan now? When secrets are revealed, and rifts appear in their trust, can he still afford to blindly believe in Declan?

Is friendship enough in the face of damning evidence?

“it's fantasy with lots of magic and while it certainly plays an important part it isn't really about the magic. It's partly a mystery and partly a story about the bonds of friendship. I really liked it.”- Goodreads reviewer