Love Like A Warrior by Mazzy King

Moving to a brand-new city for a brand-new job is thrilling . . . and terrifying. Nothing is familiar, I’m a shy person, so it’d be too easy for me to just do two things: go to work and hide at home.
But I’ve been studying martial arts for a long time, and it’s my happy place. So I’m thrilled when I discover a huge dojo two blocks from my new place.
Within a few minutes, a boxer catches my eye, and he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. I thought I’d fly under the radar a little at this predominantly male place, but he finds me . . . and he’s kind to me where others aren’t.
I never thought he’d also be an exec at my new job.
And I never thought I’d end up saving his life.
But my heroics might do more than save the day.
I might find love.

I work a stressful job that often includes hiring and firing people. I care about people, and that’s far from my favorite thing to do, but it comes with the territory.
My solace is a dojo that welcomes all forms of martial arts, where I can train and work out my aggressions.
When a gorgeous woman shows up one night, I’m completely spellbound by her—both her physical beauty and the beauty in her movements. It’s completely natural reflex to come to her defense when a couple of the guys seem to have a problem with her being there.
At work, I receive the shock of a lifetime when that same beauty walks through the door as our newest employee.
Staying professional is damn-near impossible with Milana, and at our company’s Halloween party, I’m going to tell her how I feel.
But someone I fired shows up unexpectedly . . . and it might put a damper on my plans, since they want to kill me.

“This is a lovely, sweet, pulling on the heartstrings story. But add in a Halloween party and costumes, an ex-employee out for vengeance, and a couple who find each other in a big city and you have it all. Mazzy King has once again delivered a well-written book with an amusing and entertaining storyline woven together with adorable characters. Another hit!!!” – Amazon Reviewer