Heir to Malla by Anna Bushi


Travel back over a thousand years to the Land of Magadha

Meera is a devoted daughter, loving sister, and dutiful princess. While other princesses marry and go to distant lands, she dreams of staying in her beloved Malla kingdom, helping her brother rule. The noble warrior Rish Vindhya floods her heart with warmth. And marrying this man without a crown will let her stay in Malla.

However, her brother mysteriously disappears—the kingdom of Malla is thrown into chaos—Prince Amar of Padi is threatening to capture both Malla and Meera.

Doing her duty has never been so hard when it means giving up her heart and her dreams. As she faces an unsavory future, this cherished princess needs to find the strength to fight without wielding a sword.

Spicy and fragrant, Heir to Malla is an entrancing royal intrigue laced with love. This is book one in an epic family saga trilogy.

A suspense thriller weaved around the medieval period set in India with a mythological touch. Right from the beginning the narration keeps you hooked with the suspense, the thrill of the twists in the plots and the plotting of the characters for the throne. I loved the way the female protagonist has been shown to be a strong character with a realistic and sensible mind of her own and the way in which her character unfurls the politics of the kingdom….without succumbing to her own emotions or those of the external circumstances – Author Ellora Mishra (Dots & Streaks)