Grace Under Fire by Frog and Esther Jones

Book one in this six part series, Grace Under Fire follows the adventure of Grace Moore, a mid-level worker, book worm, and food geek, when she is sent by her Grove to report back about a mysterious attack that has wiped out the Summoners in nearby Spokane.

During her investigation, she meets Robert Lorents, a foster kid who has managed to dip his toe in the wrong waters. A teenage band nerd with his head wrapped around romantic fantasies and his heart firmly ensconced in his saxophone case, the sudden death of his one remaining biological relative launches him down a path to learn his own fantastic–if felonious–powers. These two are forced together by circumstance – an unwilling mentor and an uncontrolled student – to face a threat that has already annihilated summoners far more powerful than one researcher and one untrusting, untrained teen.

To save reality as we know it, they must learn to work with one another, discover the true nature of their opponent, and, of course, avoid getting arrested for trying to save our world.

“What’s not to love? Magic, monsters, mystery… the story kept me hooked from beginning to end.” – Pam K.