Colton: Rogue Beginnings (A Rogue Enforcers Novel) by Grace Brennan

The mafia. Severed body parts. Fearing for her life. Those are just a few of the things Katia Evans never thought she’d see in her ordinary, boring life, but suddenly they’re her new reality. And now there’s a sexy cowboy sweeping her off her feet and riding her off into the sunset—well, he’s whisking her away to safety, but since her life is turning into a movie, she’s saving her sanity by pretending it’s a romance rather than horror. Her fantasy is much better than reality, after all.

Colton Alexander dropped out of Enforcer training years ago, vowing to never use his new skills. All he wants is a simple life in Montana, and he has it—until his cousin disappears. His search leads him to Katia just as danger begins stalking her, and he burns with the need to keep her safe. As they race to solve the mystery before it’s too late, they forge a deep connection. One Colton desperately wants to keep.

Katia is falling for the cowboy hellbent on protecting her—but is it real, or just a part of her fantasy? And Colton is at a crossroads—does he keep playing Enforcer as he hunts for his family, risking his future with Katia? Or does he focus on the woman who’s already claimed his heart, risking his cousin? It’s an impossible choice, but it’s one he has to make, or he risks losing them both.

“A great introduction to this new world where other authors will get to share their stories! In this book you see how the Rogue Enforcers get their start with Colton.”