Cassandra Bee Collection Books 1-5 by Lisa Strattin


Lisa Strattin, Best-Selling Children's Author presents: Cassandra Bee Collection Books 1 – 5 [Cassandra Bee Series]

BOOK 1: I Wish I Were a Cow

Cassandra Bee thinks that cows have more fun because they can Moo! But the cows have another perspective completely. What do the cows that Cassandra meets think about this idea?

If your child sometimes thinks life would be better if only they could be different in some way, share this short book with them at bedtime or before their nap.

It will help them understand how great their life is by teaching them to accept themselves today.

Each child is awesome for who they are and what they can accomplish!

Instead of longing for something else, it's important to teach children to have an appreciation for the things that make their life unique.

Dreams are wonderful, but learning to experience life exactly where they are can be an amazing gift you give to them!

BOOK 2: Time for Bed!

Cassandra Bee doesn't want to go to bed because she is having fun playing, but her mom insists! After a bedtime snack, Cassie goes to bed and gets a good night's sleep.

BOOK 3: I Love My Grandma!

Cassandra Bee enjoys time spent with her grandma and doesn't think grandma comes over to visit often enough.

BOOK 4 : I Like to Camp

Cassandra Bee enjoys camping with her mom and dad in this beautifully illustrated book. First she has to go get her sleeping bag back that she loaned to her friend, Abigail Ant.

BOOK 5: Making Friends is Fun

Cassandra Bee shows her friend, Jolene, that meeting neighbors is a great way to make new friends.

"This story discusses what we all think about at one time or another … what it would be like to be someone else. It’s the “If…then…” syndrome. If I could only moo, then I’d be happy. Children think along these lines, too, and the author carefully handles those thoughts with ease, showing the reader that we all have something we can be happy about. The illustrations are so beautiful and enhance this charming story. I recommend this book." – Shell Lady – Amazon Reviewer