The Yellow Oak by Victor Vahl

Rye Davidson has enlisted to a new job as a woodworker, located in Oregon, to help bring in more money for his family. When he’s called in to a job with Spencer Mills, a veteran worker of the same factory, they find themselves trapped in an entirely different forest where the sun hardly moves, creatures as tall as skyscrapers roam the lands and trees cultivate human heartbeats.

As Rye and Spencer occupy an empty cabin for shelter and survival, a lone stranger wanders the forest with no direction, calling out to Rye and his inner subconscious that harbors his darkest thoughts. Supplemented with the mystery of this land are incomprehensible fears Rye and Spencer must confront if they expect to survive.

They are slowly losing their grip on time and blurring the line between what is real and unreal. Through all of this, how can they come to trust each other and hold out long enough to solve the mystery of this land to finally escape?

The Yellow Oak is the sophomore novel written by Victor Vahl, a horror-thriller tale inspired by the mind-bending essence of Cthulhu horror, the chilling suspense of Robert Egger’s films, and nerve-stopping drama.

If you like The Lighthouse, House of Leaves, Lovecraftian horror, and the works of Stephen King, then you’ll love Victor Vahl’s chilling horror thriller. Order your copy today!

“The story is so intriguing that you just want to keep reading it. I look forward to Victor Vahl’s next story.” ~Goodreads reviewer