Power's Play (The Heart of Stone Adventures, Book 2) by Eva Sandor

A year after the events of Fool's Proof, Malfred Murd is no longer a Fool, royal or otherwise. He’s a newly minted nobleman— who can’t help plunging back into his own special brew of trouble. This time he’s taken on a task that’s outrageous even for him: becoming an undercover officer, out to bust the biggest crime boss in a vast and decadent city. Will it win him the attention of a certain maddeningly inaccessible Lady… or get him packed at the bottom of a barrel?

Follow Fred, Corvinalias, the other characters we met in “Fool’s Proof”— and a dazzling collection of new ones— on a journey through a world blending equal parts comedy, crime novel and adventure: heroic, horrific and hilarious.

Read the book and loved it… There is still the wit and charm in bucket loads, with added emotion, mystery and intrigue. —John Derek, Netgalley

Offers many surprises to delight literary fantasy readers looking for far more than an adventure tale. —Diane Donovan, Bookwatch

The writing is intelligent, but not out of reach. —Mike Z.

A wonderful collection of characters and the use of language is brilliant. —Namoi L.

good story, well written… it does point firmly into the next book… which I'm now looking forward to 🙂 —Jim Webster, author of the Tallis Steelyard series